Welcome to MERC’s SAVAGES Campaign

Here you will be a part of a nomadic outlandish tribe known as the Rankiki, in the ever-changing world of Sapience.

We’ll be attempting a more RP oriented campaign, but with plenty of action to come.

First of all, minimize Metagaming as much as possible, as I am expecting appropriate RP from you. This includes pulling up the enemies SRD page up though your character probably know little to nothing about said creature (the DM will allow you to look at the page if appropriate), knowing what abilities do what (your character must have seen them before), etc. etc. This will be enforced with severe punishment at the DM’s discretion.

Secondly, know your character and how they would properly react to the situation at hand. The timid Gnome will not say “Fuck you and eat a bag of dicks” to the hulking Ogre who’s already a pinch away from pile driving that little shit into the next century.

Also, do not be afraid to message the DM with secret things you may be doing. The DM will be messaging people appropriate things as well. You are together, but you are individuals. Steam messaging will be the default method when doing this, if not steam, then use the Roll20 private messaging.

Try to talk out of character as little as possible (OOC), but you may describe what your character is doing. Honestly, if you need to say something OOC, just say it. Suggestions for the DM are also welcomed. The DM will be a bit lenient with this rule.

Expect to figure out when to make skill checks at appropriate times. The DM will not always queue you. If you think someone may be lying, roll a Sense Motive.

These rules may seem like a bit much, but they are mainly to get everyone on the same page of what’s expected of them RP wise. Everything else is pretty much the same.

  • All rules and guidelines are subject to DM’s discretion. If the DM sees something he does not like, he will act on it. No need to point it out unless the DM has gone full retard
  • Supplements allowed: Races of the Wild, the entire “Complete” series, and all of the Player Handbooks


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