Ey Gurl, are you Cholera?

Cause you make me want to puke...

puke.jpgLast session, the Party got to know the tribe a bit and also what happens when infectious waterborne bacteria comes into contact with your tribe’s water supply. Some of the Tribes members were severely sickened with nausea and vomiting. Eria successfully diagnosed it as Cholera and the healthy Party members (Eoadia and Sesh) set off to discover the source of this plague. They discovered a decayed body upstream from their water source as well as footprints leading from the body (Sesh). Heading back to camp, they discover that Eria had cured Qulkul and Pommo, and then recruit the help of Gilgamesh, the Tribe Scout, to track the footprints they discovered. After successfully doing so, they arrive at an old watchtower where the marauders have taken shelter. Things escalated quickly and after a short skirmish, the battle was won with one of the enemy surrendering. They question and execute the remaining bandit (Qulkul), loot, then return to the Tribe victorious.



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